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Obama Citizenship Facts

December 5, 2008

Obama Birth Certificate Facts and Obama Citizenship Facts

FACT: Obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen nor was his father an immigrant to the USA nor was his father even a permanent resident of the USA. Obama’s father was merely sojourning in the USA as a student for a few years and returned to Kenya. Thus, Obama is not and never can be an Article II “natural born” citizen of the USA.

When Obama was born he was not a “natural born citizen” since both parents of a child must be citizens at the time of birth of the child in order for the child to be a “natural born” citizen. In addition to the requirement as to the parents citizenship status, the child must also be born in the USA. Obama may be a “born citizen” depending on the evidence in Hawaii. But “born” is NOT synonymous with “natural born”. And I am not talking about the difference between natural child birth and a “C” section. Natural in this sense refers to the “natural law” definition of citizenship. Obama can never be considered a “natural born citizen” no matter where he was born because his father was not a U.S. citizen. Both parents must be citizens at the time of birth of the child in the USA for the child to be a “natural born citizen” per our Constitution’s framers intent and the “natural law”, as codified by Vattel in 1758 in his legal reference treatise, “The Law of Nations”. The “divided loyalties” concerns of the framers of a person who is selected to serve as our President and Commander-in-Chief of our military comes into play. Thus the framers required a “natural born” citizen only mandate in the U.S. Constitution for the Office of President and Commander-in-Chief of our military.


Natural born citizenship” is defined in the 250 year old scholarly book, “Law of Nations“, written in 1758, decades before our Constitution and was used as a scholarly reference by our U.S. Constitution’s framers. Some excerpts,… natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. … I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country“. See more here: Also see this chart which shows who is and who is not a “natural born citizen” depending on whom your parents are and where you are born: An easily printable and down-loadable copy of this chart explaining the various types of citizenship mentioned in our Constitution is available at

Comment and observation: When Obama wrote his first book he titled it “Dreams from My Father“. He wrote of his father in Kenya and how his father hoped and dreamed of changing the Kenyan government and the world to Socialism and Marxism. How prophetic Vattel’s words are in describing natural law and the propensity of man to identify with the land of their father. Obama did not write “Dreams from My Mother” and of America for his source of inspiration, dreams, and aspirations. Obama wrote of his father and his father’s Kenyan goals for Socialism and Marxism as his inspiration and his dreams of what he wanted to accomplish in America and for the world. Again, we must look to his first book title and his first book contents (and you must read the original un-scrubbed, first edition version to get the absolute passion of his hatred of whites and the American system of government) to learn where Obama’s true heart and soul loyalties are. And they are not to the USA, the birth place of his mother. His loyalties are to his father and other places outside the USA. He considers himself a “citizen of the world”, as he said in Berlin, before he considers himself to be a citizen of the USA. His political and familial foreign influences and interests and loyalties are obvious. As an adult he even meddled in Kenyan politics to help a member of his and his father’s tribe there achieve power in Kenya. This is not the type of President and Commander in Chief of our military that John Jay and General George Washington meant to have in future Presidents when they put the term “natural born citizen” in Article II of our Constitution as a necessary qualification for that singular and most powerful position in our new nation. They did not want a future President to have any recent familial and/or foreign allegiances, affinities, or influences on him. Jay’s and Washington’s worst fears about a possible future nation’s leader have now been fulfilled by ignoring our Constitution with the seating of Obama in the Oval Office. The Constitution was ignored in this election cycle with the help of an enabling Main Stream Media. It is now up to “We the People” to undue the wrong done against the Constitution and to the founding father’s of this great nation.

FACT: Obama has NOT provided a certified copy of an original, typed, vault copy, long-form, birth certificate, signed by his mother and delivering doctor with the name of the hospital thereon, to be used to conclusively prove one of the two key elements used in determining his “natural born” citizenship status per the U.S. Constitution, i.e., where he was born.

Being a “natural born citizen” is required to serve in the office of the Presidency under our U.S. Constitution. Obama has only produced an internet digital image of a computer-generated, short-form, registration of birth form called a “Certification of Live Birth”, (aka COLB). And some question the genuineness of that proffered document. But note, it does not say “Certificate” it says “Certification”. Thus it is not a Birth “Certificate”. And this is a key difference in the discussion of what Obama has proffered and what he has not. Only the actual long form original typed version signed by the mother and delivering doctor and/or other witnesses is a Birth “Certificate” under Hawaiian law and to the courts. In Hawaii that document is named “Certificate of Live Birth”. Note, the change in the one word, “Certificate” of Live Birth (aka long form Birth Certificate), not “Certification” of Live Birth (aka COLB, the computer generated short form), which is what Obama has proffered thus far. And a short form “COLB” is not a conclusive legal document to prove birth and is not acceptable to most courts for proof of birth facts. A short form “COLB” shows a birth was registered. But not by whom and exactly how. Nor does it provide the facts necessary to trace the facts to independent third party witnesses or facts, such as the name of the hospital or doctor. See videos below for more on that. So, Obama has proved his birth was registered in Hawaii but has not proven conclusively that he was physically born there, nor what exactly is stated or not stated on the long form document filled out in 1961, if one exists. Read the next paragraph as to why.

Registration of live births under the vague laws in Hawaii in 1961 is not proof of birth in Hawaii at all. Read the laws on the books in Hawaii for registration of births. Their laws are very, very lax as to registering births.

[color=#FF0000]”Certificates for children born out of State. (a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.”[/color]

[color=#0000BF]See links below for more about other relevant Hawaiian law regarding types of documents. A computer generated Certification of Live Birth (COLB) issued in Hawaii is not acceptable to even their own courts as conclusive proof of birth in Hawaii. Under Hawaiian law in 1961, a child could be born anywhere in the world and have the birth registered in Hawaii by the mother after the birth, with true or false information, without any third party independent verification of said “facts” entered on the form by the mother, upon her returning to Hawaii using the very lax birth recording laws on the books in 1961. Even the 1982 updated law is still very lax. It was even more lax in 1961.[/color]

Read this simple, straight forward, comparative report about what Obama has proffered as evidence of “natural born citizenship” and what he has NOT provided:

Reference proof of natural born citizenship, a computer generated form (aka COLB) can be easily PhotoShop’d, altered, or forged. Such a simple registration record could be retro-actively filed in Hawaii in 1961 as a post birth event registration after birth of a child, with the birth not even having occurred in Hawaii. No one checked these retro-active registrations in HI at that time which were done by simply signing an affidavit that the facts are true. The mother or grandparents could have done this retro-actively upon the mother’s return to give the infant child citizenship. This was a possible cover up at the time by the mother and grandmother. The short form data is then being abstracted from a false, delayed registration of birth, filed with false information by the mother with a simple affidavit with no non-family member, independent witnesses. That was permitted under Hawaii law in 1961. A mother could register the birth of her child upon returning to Hawaii after the actual birth elsewhere. But who knew this child would grow up an run for President and that someone would dig into the records to find the truth, as is now being done. Such a case would explain the stalling, delaying, and obfuscating tactics Obama and his lawyers are engaging in. They don’t want the true nature of the birth records registered in Hawaii by his mother and maternal grandmother revealed.

FACT: A qualification per the U.S. Constitution for a person to serve as the President of the U.S. is that they must be a “natural born citizen”. The largest group of citizens in the USA are natural born citizens, i.e., those born in the USA to parents who were both citizens of the USA. Many people do not know that there are several categories of citizenship in the USA. Some examples are: Naturalized, Derivative, Statutory, Born, and Natural Born.

See this chart which shows who is and who is not a citizen, born or native citizen, or natural born citizen depending on whom your parents are and where you are born:

Obama may or may not be Native Born depending on the validity of his paternal grandmother’s statement in Kenya, and the sealed hospital records in Mombasa, Kenya, but he is certainly not “natural born” since for that term both his parents must be U.S. citizens (of any category) when he was born. And per statements made in his own campaign’s website, and in his books, Obama has admitted his father was a British Subject when Obama was born. Obama’s father never at any time was a U.S. citizen. In fact his father was not even an immigrant to the USA nor was he ever even a permanent resident of the USA. Thus since his father was not a U.S. citizen, Obama is NOT a “Natural Born Citizen (NBC)” of the U.S. under our Constitution’s framer’s intent and Constitutional standards. And thus he cannot serve as our President under our Constitution. Defining “natural born citizen”, a dissertation on that subject:

Obama will apparently have several hurdles to cross to prove he is a “natural born citizen”. First he has to conclusively prove he was born in Hawaii. And again, a computer generated birth registration form, aka the COLB type document proffered by Obama’s campaign, is not sufficient evidence for most court cases, let alone to assume the office of Presidency of the U.S. For more about Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship issue, below are links to web pages which explain what a “vault copy” of an original birth certificate is and an example of what one looks like from circa the time frame of interest in Hawaii. Obama has NOT provided such a document and refuses to do so.

For the time period in question, the originals were generally typed or hand printed, and will have the signature of the mother on it, the name and signature of the delivering doctor, the name of the hospital, as well as other witnesses to the birth, if any. Obama refuses to provide a certified “vault copy” of his original birth registration in Hawaii. This web page explains and provides exhibits and examples what Obama has provided and what he has not, to date. Also and very importantly note that to date, Obama has NOT personally said in public, “I am a natural born citizen of the U.S. per the U.S. Constitution”, and produced a certified “vault copy” of the long form, original birth certificate signed by his mother and the doctor and showing the hospital record where he was born. Why has he not done that? Why has he not released his college records from Occidental in CA, Columbia in NY, and Harvard in MA? Why is he hiding behind his lawyers on this?

FACT: To serve as a U.S. Senator the person must be a U.S. Citizen.

The problem Obama has with that issue is whether his step-father, who moved the family to Indonesia after marrying his mother, legally “adopted” him or “acknowledged” him as his son in Indonesia with the mother’s concurrence, thereby renouncing his U.S. citizenship while living in Indonesia. To get into schools in Indonesia at that time the child had to be an Indonesian citizen, and not a U.S. citizen. If his U.S. citizenship was renounced, it would make him no longer a U.S. citizen at all, unless he re-applied for naturalization upon return to the U.S. This is discussed in the Berg vs. Obama case brief to SCOTUS. See: [url][/url] for the details and the entire Berg brief and supplemental filings. It is also alleged in that brief that when Obama was about age 20, c1981/1982, that he traveled to Pakistan with a college buddy and student from Pakistan who he met Occidental College. It is alleged that during that time period that persons could not gain access to Pakistan on a U.S. passport. Thus he must have used some other documentation to get into Pakistan. It is alleged that he used an Indonesian passport that he had retained from his youth and kept it up to date which documented him as an Indonesian citizen, and not a U.S. citizen. Obama has refused to produce any of his passports data from that c1981/1982 time period. Given the poor relations between the U.S. and Pakistan in that time period, he likely traveled to Pakistan on that Indonesian passport, which said he was an Indonesian citizen, which he likely was per accounts and records in Indonesia. His school records in Indonesian say his parents their declared him an Indonesian student. Images of that school document have been published online declaring him an Indonesian citizen of the religion of Islam. And some say when he later enrolled in Occidental College, he declared himself a foreign student and citizen of Indonesia to get generous aide available for foreign citizens at that college. Obama will not release those college records either. He is taking the same stance with his college records as he is taking with his birth records and also with his medical records too. Lots to think about. But his renounced U.S. citizenship by his mother and step-father when in Indonesia, and traveling as an adult on the Indonesian passport, and/or probably making other statements as an adult of being an Indonesian citizen in other records in the past such as college records, he would thus be knowingly acknowledging his renounced U.S. citizenship, and that would disqualify (DQ) him as a “natural born citizen” for sure, and in fact he would not even be a citizen at all at his point. And if he is not legally a U.S. citizen at all, he cannot serve as a U.S. Senator, and all that time in the Senate was done under fraudulent status too. Berg also then further argues in his brief to SCOTUS that Obama may even be an illegal alien in the U.S. under current law if he cannot prove he was ever naturalized upon returning to Hawaii from Indonesia. Again, lots more to think about regarding Obama’s citizenship status.

[b]SOME ACTIVE ATTORNEYS and CASES which have been filed:[/b]

Atty Mario Apuzzo blog site: [url][/url]
Link to copy of lawsuit for this case: [url][/url]

Atty Orly Taitz blog site: [url][/url]
U.S. Supreme Court Docket for this case: [url][/url]

Atty Phil Berg website: [url][/url]
U.S. Supreme Court Docket for this case: [url][/url]

[b][size=150]A Short Video Message to the Members of Congress. Forward This Message to Them and the President:[/size][/b]

Ron Polarik, PhD, document and image expert, states in report and video the Obama’s online birth records at the Obama campaign website and and, etc., are all forged. Note: “Dr. Polarik” is a pseudonym and his identity is obscured in this video to protect his real identity. See video here:
Sandra Lines, Forensic Document Examiner, confirms the online Certification of Live Birth (COLB) images proffered by Obama are forgeries:

Watch these Youtube videos in numbered order listed for more on what Obama has proffered as evidence and what he has not provided and the concerns of why we need to learn more:

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[b]The short form birth registration computer generated form and image is likely a forgery:[/b]
“PC” correct verbiage of recent times is found in the Obama supplied short form COLB. This indicates to several document examiners that Obama’s short-form Certification of Live Birth (COLB) document is likely a fraud and/or that the registration was registered much later than 1961. This reminds me of similar problems with Obama’s Selective Service System (SSS) draft registration record. It has been found by document examiners to have been likely created in 2008 and back-dated into the SSS data base to make it look like it was done in 1980.

Ron Polarik, PhD, document and image expert, states in his report and video that Obama’s online birth records at the Obama campaign website and and, etc., are all forged. Note: “Dr. Polarik” is a pseudonym and his identity is obscured in this video to protect his real identity. See details and video of Dr. Polarik’s work at these links:
Sandra Lines, Forensic Document Examiner, confirms the online Certification of Live Birth (COLB) images proffered by Obama are forgeries:

Indications of possible more recent registration of Obama’s birth in Hawaii:

Charges of fraudulent back dated Draft Registration of Obama:

And, the birth announcement placed in the local community newspaper is also false and misleading:

[b]WHERE you were born and WHO BOTH YOUR PARENTS WERE are the two key elements to determining if you are a natural born citizen of the USA. With Obama, too many questions remain unanswered. Too many allegations of falsified, back dated documents. Not enough primary source, independently verified, conclusive, original, long form, legal evidence of where he was actually born has been provided. Why has Obama never publicly and personally addressed these charges and issues himself? Is he afraid of being later criminally charged personally with false representations and perjury? Is that why he is always hiding behind staff and lawyers when it comes to answering such questions? It reminds me of the Clinton and Monica story and Bill’s carefully selected words, parsing of sentences, stalling, and obfuscating. Where there is smoke there likely is fire. Obama could have addressed this long ago. All he had to do and still could do is state in public, “I am a natural born citizen of the U.S. per the U.S. Constitution” and produce a certified copy of the “vault copy” of the long form, original birth certificate filled out in 1961 showing the mother’s signature, the delivering doctor’s signature, name of the hospital, and any other witnesses, if any. These facts could then be traced to the original hospital and its records. That would end the debate as to one element of the two elements defining natural born citizenship, i.e., WHERE you were born. Why he has not done so, something so simple to do, given he wants the highest office in our government, is the driving reason of our concern. He must produce the original long form birth certificate so its genuineness can be confirmed by document experts and so the traceable facts on it, such as the delivering doctor’s name and the named hospital and its records, which can then be independently verified against the local hospital, doctor, or medical records of the birth.[/b]

[b]What can you do to help? This group needs your help. If you have access to a computer, and know how to use and other search engines online, you can volunteer an hour or maybe two per week to help them spread the word about their project:

[b]Mountain Publius Goat

Some useful links:
The U.S. Constitution Online: [url][/url]
The Obama File Website: [url][/url]
The Obama Time Line to Power: [url][/url]

According to people’s accounts in Kenya when Obama was first elected to the U.S. Senate, it was common knowledge that Obama was born in Kenya:
Now we have some more breaking news on Obama’s Kenyan birth made by the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S. on 21 Nov 2008:
Obama born in Kenya is not disputed and is acknowledged by the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S. Here is a YouTube replay of the radio show call to the Kenyan Ambassador. Listen to it here:
Original show complete show tape at radio station:

Add the above acknowledgments by the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S. to the prior videos and voice recordings of his Kenyan paternal grandmother’s own words such as these below. You decide. I for one definitely want to see the long form, original birth certificate filed in Hawaii to see what it says and doesn’t say. Barack needs to pony up and release it.
[flash=425,344][/flash] [flash=425,344][/flash]
Update 27 Nov 2008: Kenyan Ambassador says he does not know if Obama was born in the U.S. He says U.S. government should investigate where he was born and if necessary request the sealed records in both Kenya and the U.S. I agree with his suggestion. Read the whole article here:

P.S.S. All Kenyans Know What Americans Refuse to Recognize:

P.S.S.S. [b]Date: 20 January 2009 – ca 3 am: The lawsuit called for below has now been filed. See the announcement by Atty Apuzzo regarding a new case:
Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al: [url][/url][/b]

[b]As of 9 January 2009, it is now time, and legally very “ripe”, to sue Congress itself in federal district courts for committing an “unconstitutional act” by confirming Obama as he is ineligible under our Constitution to serve as the President and Commander-in-Chief of our military since he is not a “natural born citizen”. Congress itself did not do its due diligence and duty to uphold their oath and to uphold their role in our system of government of laws and defend our Constitution, the supreme law of our nation. They ignored the Constitution and the “natural born citizen” clause therein. And in fact they also ignored federal U.S. Code law by not formally asking if there were any objections from the various reps of the assembled states during the Joint Session of Congress, which is specifically required by law. Cheney conveniently skipped that part. See this for more details on that: That too was a violation of U.S. laws as to the exact procedures which must be following in the counting of Electoral College votes. That is a second suit or charge that could be filed against Congress for what transpired on Thursday, violation of the Constitution and federal laws in the process. They are a federal body and they have committed a crime against the Constitution by confirming Obama and violating other laws while doing it. Now any of “We the people …” can sue them in federal courts and take it eventually to SCOTUS. An especially effective plaintiff would a military officer subject to recall by the usurper President, if Obama is sworn in, and thus having to the dilemma of supporting the oath he/she was sworn to uphold the Constitution or to obey unlawful orders from an usurper President. Before we the people could not sue because the election had not fully played out and because Congress could have stopped Obama. They did not. Now the people must act and bring suit. It is now our turn. We now have standing at this point because Congress has ignored the Constitution that “We the people …” created and which created Congress in the first place. Common sense says it is now relevant and the people can sue. Also the 10th amendment is applicable too, imo. The Congress has usurped the will of the people in what powers the founders and framers gave them via what is spelled out in the Constitution. It cannot be changed without a Constitutional amendment. Congress cannot change it by fiat or simple law. And we the people state in creating that Constitution, until if and when it is amended as to that clause, that it is specifically required that a President be a “natural born citizen”. Congress has ignored that. A simple majority rule cannot amend the Constitution. The Constitution cannot be changed by current fad of “cult of personality”. It has to be amended by the process defined therein. And it was not. This is a new type of case for this matter at hand in dealing with Obama, i.e., suing Congress itself, not Obama or a state Secretary of State. Congress has been sued many times before for committing unconstitutional acts and laws. In fact the legal route is what is done when Congress does act beyond its powers given to it in the Constitution. So now is the time to file suit against them once more. They have violated a very basic and simple clause in the Constitution this time. It can’t be any clearer. But SCOTUS is the one to decide. But we the people must now bring charges against Congress first. We must create the case, this new case or cases, for them to hear. The prior cases were rejected as not being at the appropriate time in the process. We are now at the appropriate time in the process. I believe SCOTUS is waiting for this type of suit to be filed. And I believe SCOTUS would pick it up and hear it when it gets to them. But it needs to be filed now. Time is of the essence. I do hope one of the lawyers currently involved or a new one files a suit against Congress itself. The election and political process is now over and has failed to follow the Constitution and the law. Now it is purely a legal issue and SCOTUS can get involved without being charged by Congress with meddling in their affairs prematurely. Congress is now done. And they acted unconstitutionally. The time is ripe to sue them. It must be done prior to noon 20 Jan 09 to be most effective to allow SCOTUS to stay the inauguration. And the sooner it is filed the better because it has to go to the district federal court first. And similar cases should be filed against Congress in all nine federal court districts. If such a case or cases are filed, I believe this time the media would not ignore it. Because this legal approach can and will win. And when publicized, it will raise a hue and cry of the people in this country as to how this got this far without being adequately reported that millions will speak up and support the cases. And I and many people would contribute to the funds of any lawyers filing such a suit. We just need more lawyers with courage and a willingness to fight this outrageous injustice committed against “We the people …” and our Constitution, to step forward and file these new cases in each and every of the nine federal districts, if possible. I have written to the conservative groups. If you are a member of any such group, write/FAX them now to bring suits. But we cannot just hope and wait for them or someone else to take action. The time to act is now.[/b]

[b]My Letter to The Federalist Society, The Heritage Foundation, Judicial Watch and others: [url][/url][/b]

[b]My Recent Letter to the Nine Supreme Court Justices: [url][/url][/b]

[b]My Previous Letter to My Members of Congress and Other Key Members of Congress: [url][/url][/b]